Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What suffers when you run?

So, one of the blogs that I love reading is at:
Today the post is about what suffers when you run. I have to write about what suffers when I don't run. My life is absolutely crazy sometimes, and I would give anything for a tiny bit of normal and boring. I have 2 kiddos: A is 11 and a super responsible 11 year old at that. J is well, J is a conundrum of another sort. He was diagnosed July 31, 2007 with stage 4 liver cancer that spread to both of his lungs. 12 rounds of chemo and 2 liver transplants later we have a good liver, for the most part but there is a HUGE amount of side effects from the chemo, the cancer, and his lowered immune system. Being a single mama and struggling to do all this myself doesn't make for very optimal circumstances most of the time. Hell, to be honest most of the time I would like to throw up my hands and yell "F it!!!" So, one of Jaxon's doctors sat me down once and told me that I needed to learn to do something for me. That's where running came in....yes, I am doing it to lose weight and to get in shape, but for the most part I am doing it to be selfish and to do one thing for me and just for me. I know what else suffers when I don't kids. I have an attitude from H-E-double hockey sticks when I don't run. I hate the yelling voice I have a tendency to get when I am over-stressed. I hate the person I become due to Jaxon's illnesses, the medicine costs and just the overall too muchness of it all.
What suffers when I do run??? My house LOL. I figure that I can go for that "lived in" look versus the pristine house. I am not one of those gals that has to have a house that looks like it came out of Home and Garden, thank God!!


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