Monday, July 19, 2010

For the love of the game

So, today was a first for me. I actually allowed someone of the opposite sex to come on my run with me. I have someone who is a friend who could possibly be more, but he's complicated....ask me if he could come meet me at the track and run with me. I told him yes, but I have always been reluctant before due to the fear of someone thinking I run funny or not "the right way," or that I didn't run fast enough or making fun of me when I had to walk. But it was good, we ran and talked and it was good. :-)
Then tonight Jaxon and I went to the park and played. It is so hard with his immune system to get out but not in a place where there are so many germs. I am trying to find healthy meals that the kids will love as well as being good for them. Any ideas??

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