Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Today should be history

I am ready for today to be over. This is the day that my best friend, DG and I become the same age~33 for a few months. I made a video montage of the fabulous 4 chickas for DG's birthday. You can see it here:

DG is the sister that God forgot to give me. She is a true blessing in my family's life. I love her more than she will ever know. She is my soul sister and I wanted to wish her a happy birthday.
Another one of the fab 4 chickas is having a horrible, rough day. Princess Jeni's daddy was sent home from the hospital today to spend the rest of his days with his family. I know this is some of the roughest days she will have and I only wish I could be there to hug her so big! I know what those days are like and once again, I hate cancer!! I wish no family ever had to be touched by it again.
I had a great run tonight, even though that wasn't what I was thinking when I pulled in at the track. It was sprinkling when I got there and turned on the tunes. As I headed around the first bend of the track I realized it was raining a bit harder but there were birds there keeping me company. I came around the bend and they just stayed there in the field watching me and it was like a mutual respect. They knew I wasn't there to mess with them and they weren't going to mess with me. I just gave them a nod as I kept on trucking by. I loved running my 3 miles in the rain tonight...nothing hard just a steady rain and it had me thinking about life and how it often comes down on us like that and we feel overwhelmed, but really it's about finding the highlights in that rain.
Happy Birthday DG and Jeni, I am praying for you and your family girl....and FROGging and trying to B+ for you.

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