Saturday, August 7, 2010

It's in the small things

there is beauty in the small moments.

we tend to look for BIG things in life to bring it meaning. we tend to peer toward a BIG event to make life special. but, that's not what it's about. yes, the big moments are important.... significant.... meaningful. they just don't happen all that often. it's within the spaces of each day that we find the more precious and fulfilling things in life ... if only we look at them.

I'm sure you all remember with very vivid detail those seconds of your life that were huge. good or bad. the first kiss. the death of a friend or relative. the birth of a child. marriage. divorce. it all rolls into the definition of a big moment. a moment that changes your life. for obvious reasons.

Yet, here i am. It was a truly normal day the day we found out Jaxon had cancer. A day that was supposed to be spent at a dr. appt and then lunch. But it wasn't.....and that day is what made me see beauty in every day. An average day that I have begun to see as beautiful....the small moments that make me smile. We all have them. anything that brings a smile to your heart.... that's it. Right there, the good stuff. So, I figured today on this nothing special day I would share some of those infinitescimal moments with you....

- there's the smell of the top of Jaxon's head. when I'm sitting in the rocking chair holding him and his little police blankie...that sweet smell of little baby and little boy mixed with sweat and play...I love that smell.

- seeing Abby singing in the car....her tune a little off but damn it, she's singing her heart out and it's beautiful. awesome songs like I'm too sexy...and Ice Ice Baby. She smiles and belts it out just like she's a diva.

- i heard a little girl laughing at the grocery store the other morning. full blown giggles coming from another aisle, and i couldn't help but laugh, too.

-sunsets...I love pictures of sunsets...and nature. It makes me smile and reminds me of what really matters in the world and where I come from.

So, tell me what small, seemingly insignificant moments you've experienced the last few days that made an impression. What made your heart smile?

Life is good, people. life is what we make it. If you're open and willing to notice the little things that no one else may ever know about, you're headed in the right direction. I will always wish for each of you to live well and to find your blessings in those you love.

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  1. For me, they were getting my daughter her first cell phone on Friday and more "grown-up" clothes today. She earned her cell phone by improving her grades from five F's and a D- to three A's and three B's. As for the clothes, she is moving into sixth grade and now she is trying to fit in with the rest of the girls.

    As for my son, I love the fact that he does not have Autism as the doctors thought. He is just a very smart brat. And I am really happy with that.